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Develop a culture of Praise and have a much more motivated team

Advantages of adopting Compliments in your company

Include a routine of praise in your company and have a much more effective performance management, with much more engaged professionals.

Incentive generates motivation

When you highlight your colleague's strengths and potential, you keep him motivated and in search of constant development.

Direction to follow the journey

Upon receiving a compliment, the employee is able to perceive that they are on the way to achieving their defined goals and objectives.

More connected teams

The 1-1 conversation establishes a greater bond between leader and team member, enabling a relationship of trust between everyone.

Light and harmonious environments

The culture of praise directly impacts the organizational climate, as it promotes greater integration among employees.

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Develop a culture of praise and have happier professionals

Unique badges to recognize your peers

More than sending compliments, we think about exclusive badges that help and enhance the creation of a culture of recognition and continuous growth among people.

Compliments Wall that enhances engagement

The compliments are visible on the Wall, which allows more interaction among other colleagues, who can view, like and comment on these posts.

Quick access and filter by hashtags

The wall can be full of praise, but if you want to find something specific, it has quick access, dividing by groups and also filters by # used in the post.

Creation and customization of company badges

You can add new categories and badges that are part and have to do with your company's culture.
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