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Leverage the relationship between leader and subordinate with 1-1 Conversations

Advantages of adopting 1-1 meetings in your company

Create a culture where the priority of leaders is not just to focus on conversations about goals, but to create a productive relationship and help followers in their developmen

More connected teams

The 1-1 conversation establishes a greater bond between leader and team member, enabling a relationship of trust between everyone.

More motivated professionals

Employees need to be heard, this will bring a feeling of belonging and appreciation. Thus helping in productivity and motivation.

Company broad view

By putting yourself in the listening position with each employee, you will have an overview of the entire company, understanding everything that goes on behind the scenes

Conflict reduction

With a clear view of the entire company, you'll be able to understand and avoid conflicts, or keep issues from getting out of hand.

The most innovative companies choose Elofy

Organized, practical and customizable 1-1s

Scheduling and Recording of 1-1s

Schedule your 1-1 with whomever you want, set conversation points, track points on the day of the meeting, deploy an action plan from the conversation, and record private or shared insights in notes.

Notification on the platform and also in the email

You don't need to waste time advising your team about the meeting, our platform, in addition to notifying, also integrates with email and Google Calendar, automatically notifying you about the scheduled conversation and also about its registration.

1-1s with leader, team members and colleagues

Create 1-1 meetings not only between leaders and subordinates, but also between peers (colleagues) and with whomever else you want. Conversations are available to all levels of the company and can be called by any employee.

Custom talking points

The conversations are fully customizable, you can add any question you need, however, to make it easier, we also have a base with several suggested questions that can be asked in many different situations.
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