Conduct effective 1-1s

Plan 1-1s in advance, set discussion agendas, and allow the employee to prepare for the meeting as well. During the conversation, it will be possible to identify development opportunities based on skills, interests, and career goals.

Make the most of 1-1s

In addition to creating action plans, it is possible to record notes within each discussion topic to establish clear goals and expectations, both for leaders and employees. This helps ensure that everyone is aligned with the company's objectives.

Put plans into action

Turn the points discussed into action plans so that the employee understands the next steps in their development. This way, in the next 1-1, you can start by reviewing what has been achieved and understanding why something has not progressed.

Have all the data at your fingertips

In 1-1 conversations, managers can access the employee's data, such as OKRs they are responsible for, feedback received, or plans in progress. This makes it easier to identify and address issues before they become more significant.

Other Features of the 1-1 Conversations Module

  • Access to the conversation history within each 1-1

  • Recording of public or private notes about the 1-1

  • Integration of 1-1s with the performance evaluation module

  • Recording of previously held 1-1s

  • Email and in-platform conversation reminders

  • Integration with Google Calendar and Outlook

  • Engagement ranking and most used 1-1 templates

  • Sharing of 1-1 records with other employees

  • Asynchronous export of 1-1 module data

  • Creation of 1-1 templates for company-wide use


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