Variable remuneration system

Define employee variable remuneration more easily, aligning results delivery with the bonus system already used in your company.

Set target achievement ranges and encourage your employees to exceed their limits, achieving increasingly ambitious results.

Have a complete view of the contract's progress or each specific goal in one place and identify areas that require attention.

Calculate employee variable remuneration according to the calculation logic already used by your company, easily and securely.

Create contracts in minutes

Whether for you, a manager, or an employee, creating goal contracts won't be a headache; our system is easy to use end-to-end.

You can create more than one goal contract per employee, meeting the specific needs of each area, project, or period.

Set smaller goals within each measurement period and break down the delivery of results for more accurate tracking.

Link contracts to your organization's drivers. Ensure that each goal contributes directly to your business's overall success.

Data-Driven Decisions

Better direct efforts and resources toward achieving goals with data-driven decisions rather than guesswork.

Choose how you want to track goal progress, whether it's through cumulative progress over time or the final goal achieved.

Monitor results in real-time, staying informed about the progress made and directing efforts to drive growth.

Analyze goal deviations from the expected value for each period and take corrective actions to keep everyone on the right track.

Team-Adapted Goals

Adapt goal creation to your business's needs and ensure maximum efficiency in your teams.

Ensure that different people's efforts are directed toward the same purpose or overall vision.

Have a clear view of contracts at different levels, from management to employees. Ensure synergy and alignment throughout the organization.

Allow for a more comprehensive evaluation of team performance by incorporating individual results into a single goal.

Other Goals Features

  • Employee goals approval workflow

  • Color system for identifying goal progress confidence levels

  • Creation of goal templates for shared use in the company

  • Automatic status updates to streamline goal tracking

  • Timeline of contract change history

  • Creation of custom searches with predefined filters

  • Creation of global drivers for the company's strategy

  • Configuration of cycles and resources to be made available for contract creation

  • Definition of contract and goal weights

  • View contracts through the strategic map

  • Measurements with file uploads and comment recording

  • Asynchronous export of strategy module data


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