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Performance Evaluation

Conduct evaluations with ease, save time, and focus on analyzing results to recognize professionals ready for the next career step. With the performance evaluation module, you simplify the HR daily routine and benefit from features that enhance the process, such as the 9Box Matrix, Calibration, and Succession.


Align your employees with your business priorities and ensure greater commitment and focus on what truly matters for company growth. With the OKRs module, the process of setting and measuring results becomes much more straightforward, providing increased transparency and insights on where professionals should allocate resources and efforts.


Accelerate your company's growth by connecting organizational success with employee recognition. With the goals module, you can track team progress, project future goal projections, and reward efforts with greater equity.


Establish a succession plan to secure your company's stable future, along with retaining employees who will assume critical roles in the business. With the Succession module, you define successors based on performance evaluation results and ensure they are prepared for new challenges.


Boost your employees' development to help them achieve their best professional version. With the Individual Development Plan, professionals can more easily plan how to achieve their goals by aligning personal objectives with the company's roles and competencies.


Gain continuous insights through active listening, understand employee opinions, and structure plans to address dissatisfaction scenarios. With the Surveys module, your company can conduct various surveys with flexible creation options and analytics that provide insights for change.

Pulse Survey

Create a routine data collection and identify areas needing attention today, avoiding the creation of more significant problems in the future. With the pulse survey, your company can generate pulses with automated frequency and access a bank of 100 ready-to-use questions.

Exit and Experience Survey

Listen to those joining and leaving the organization and understand what changes are needed to reduce turnover rates. With the exit and experience survey, you gain valuable insights to enhance talent retention, identify development opportunities, and create an exceptional work environment.


Cultivate a strong culture of continuous feedback within your company, focused on employee development to achieve high performance. With the Feedback module, professionals can request and provide feedback to anyone, understanding where they can improve or what they should continue doing in their professional development journey.

1-1 Conversations

Strengthen the relationship between leaders and team members through conversations that allow professionals to express their perspectives within the company and discuss the challenges they face. With 1-1 Conversations, leaders can understand how they can help team members overcome obstacles by structuring clear and effective action plans.

Praise Wall

Promote recognition and keep employees engaged, motivated, and productive. The culture of praise strengthens bonds among teams and shows that small victories also make a difference in business growth. With the praise wall, professionals can make posts with images or praise others for special achievements within the company.

People Analytics

Make more informed decisions through data analysis. This way, your company can direct resources and efforts more consciously and efficiently. All modules of the Elofy platform come with analytics, as well as integrations and an open API, to make internal people and business management more accessible and powerful, with insights indicating where action is needed.

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Case Study - Víssimo

Keeping a team happy, engaged, and productive can be a significant challenge, especially during significant company changes. This is precisely the situation that Evino and Grand Cru faced in their merger process to become the Víssimo Group in early 2022. But with the help of Elofy, the company overcame the challenges related to this change and made its management more precise and effective. In this article, we will analyze this success story.


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