More informed decisions

With the strategy dashboard, managers have visibility of their teams' performance, and the company's leadership and HR have insight into the entire organization.

Intervene at the right time to prevent risks from materializing through data-driven action plans.

The dashboard is available to HR, managers, and employees, with various filters for personalized searches.

Monitor the progress of each individual key result within OKRs.

Better-Aligned Teams

Enable everyone in the company to align on objectives that impact the business strategy and understand how they contribute to it.

With the map, employees understand where to act for continuous performance improvement.

Everyone can see the impact of their own OKRs on the company's strategy and understand how success is being driven.

The query screen lists all OKRs and provides various filters for quicker searches.

Drive Results

Track the progress of key results and see how close the objectives are to being achieved.

View the latest updates on OKRs, add comments, and maintain asynchronous communication among those responsible.

The key results screen includes a chart showing progress in relation to future projections.

Attach files and add comments to key result measurement records.

Create OKRs in Minutes

Whether you're a manager or an employee, creating OKRs will not be a headache; our system is user-friendly from start to finish.

Create OKRs with a single responsible person, an entire team, or share them across teams.

Define smaller goals within each measurement period and break down the delivery of results.

Create key results of the type "bigger is better," "smaller is better," or even maintenance.

Other Strategy Module Features

  • Employee objective approval workflow

  • Creation of custom searches with predefined filters

  • Color system to identify the confidence level of key result progress

  • Creation of action plans with execution initiatives

  • Automatic status to automate OKR tracking

  • Definition of measurement frequency

  • OKRs with responsible and/or co-responsible individuals

  • Creation of global strategy guidelines for the company

  • Configuration of cycles and resources available for OKR creation

  • Definition of objective and key result weights

  • Alignment of objectives across teams

  • Asynchronous export of strategy module data


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