Keep the pulse steady

Through targeted pulse surveys, you can maintain constant employee engagement and identify areas that are thriving or need improvement, better directing efforts and resources where it really matters.

Turn data into actions

Based on the heatmap results, your company can implement actions to improve the organizational climate and measure the effectiveness of the changes through future pulse surveys. This way, you can keep people management on the right track.

Short and efficient surveys

Pulse surveys are quick to respond to, consisting of simple and direct questions that aim to measure employee satisfaction and engagement with the company, leaders, colleagues, and the work itself.

Increase engagement in the company

By maintaining a constant pulse survey, the company demonstrates that it values everyone's opinion and is committed to creating a transparent and collaborative work environment. This increases employee engagement and motivation, as they feel valued and heard by the company.

Other Pulse Survey Features

  • A repository of 100 ready-to-use questions, divided into 10 engagement categories

  • Definition of the number of questions per pulse

  • Randomized question delivery

  • Selection of pulse survey teams

  • Employee engagement graph in the survey

  • Frequency of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery

  • Anonymous or non-anonymous survey

  • Likert scale questions with up to 7 points on the scale

  • Export of pulse survey data

  • Inclusion of justifications in questions


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