Share team victories

Celebrate your team's achievements with everyone by tagging the people who contributed to the results. This way, your company can foster a culture where no victory is too small to celebrate.

Reinforce company values

Link praise to corporate values through customizable badges and inspire teams to live the organizational culture every day. When employees feel valued, respected, and recognized as an important part of the company, they tend to be more motivated in their work.

Join in the celebrations

The Wall allows employees to interact with posts through likes and comments, promoting a more inclusive, positive, and healthy work environment. When companies promote a sense of belonging, they create a more welcoming and collaborative environment capable of attracting and retaining diverse talent.

Enhance internal communication within the company

The Wall is also a great resource for promoting better internal communication about company events and important dates, contributing to alignment, collaboration, and team engagement.

Other Features of the Praise Wall Module

  • Engagement ranking of personal exchanges on the wall

  • Ability to tag one or more people in praise and posts

  • Automated birthday posts

  • Search filters by hashtags and company values

  • Export of data from the praise wall module

  • Viewing other employees' bios on the wall

  • Sharing files (photos, documents, links, GIFs) on the wall


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