Flexibility in creating surveys

Adapt surveys to your needs and better direct the collection of your employees' opinions. This way, it will be easier to understand the current organizational culture, as well as the needs, expectations, and concerns of everyone.

Track team satisfaction

Satisfaction surveys help identify areas in need of improvement, such as implementing recognition programs, effective communication, leadership development, and creating a more positive work environment.

Data that delivers results

Through survey analytics, analyze employee opinions on ideas and suggestions for improvements and promote internal innovation to find ways to stay relevant in an ever-evolving business environment.

Understand employee sentiments

With the help of a daily survey, maintain consistency in collecting data on employee sentiments and take proactive steps to avoid potential conflicts in your company. Identify where the problems are and implement more informed decisions.

Other Survey Module Features

  • Anonymous or non-anonymous surveys

  • Sending reminders to non-respondents of surveys

  • Selection of teams or employees who will be the target audience

  • Definition of start and end dates for data collection

  • Question types: single choice, NPS, qualitative, rating, or Likert scale

  • Inclusion of a justification field or question requirements

  • Temporal surveys for collecting data on new employee experiences

  • Sharing of temporal survey responses with managers

  • Exit survey with external or internal platform sending

  • Individual exit survey report with company turnover rate and NPS

  • Sending surveys via an external link

  • Asynchronous export of survey reports


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