Share feedback with anyone

Employees can request and receive feedback from anyone in the company, regardless of their team or position. This way, everyone can continuously improve their skills and competencies, as well as provide clear direction on what needs improvement and what is already being done effectively.

Keep feedback history at your fingertips

With feedback history, managers can track each employee's progress over time. Additionally, the query screen also helps maintain more consistent and coherent communication, ensuring a transparent and objective feedback culture.

Strengthen the company's culture

The platform allows you to create feedback templates that reflect the company's internal culture. With a pre-established template, leaders and employees can focus on providing more relevant and constructive feedback without worrying about the organization or the formatting of the feedback itself.

Powerful insights at any time

Using feedback analytics allows your company to gain valuable insights into employee engagement, identifying the most shared types of feedback and who is contributing the most to people's development. With data analysis, you can make more informed decisions regarding people management.

Other Feedback Module Features

  • Employee engagement ranking

  • Analytics with data from the last 3 months on the platform's homepage

  • Linking company values in feedback exchanges

  • Tracking the status of feedback requests

  • Sending or requesting feedback from more than one person at a time

  • Recording private notes about other people

  • Exporting data from the feedback module

  • Recording comments on the feedback history screen


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