Performance evaluation results

Our intuitive charts present performance evaluation results visually and comprehensibly. Identify individual strengths and areas for improvement of employees, directing your actions for continuous development.

Evaluate your team's emotional climate

With our sentiment charts, you can understand how your employees feel about their work, identify emotional trends, and adopt strategies to create a healthier and more productive work environment.

More accurate decision-making

With the 9Box, you can evaluate the performance and growth potential of your employees, identifying promising talents based on predefined criteria and planning leadership succession strategies.

Monitor company results

The strategy module provides a clear view of performance in relation to established goals. Quickly identify areas that need adjustments and keep your team focused on achieving expected results.

Give your team a voice and make changes

Our survey charts allow you to analyze the results of internal surveys, such as organizational climate and employee satisfaction surveys. Identify trends, areas for improvement, and take actions to increase engagement and motivation.

Survey Heatmap

With our survey heatmap, you'll have a graphical representation of responses, highlighting areas with a higher concentration of positive and negative opinions. Identify key points affecting performance and take proactive measures.

Discover valuable insights

With our feedback analytics, you'll gain insights into feedback patterns provided by employees. Identify areas of recognition, development opportunities, and take actions to promote a culture of constructive feedback.

Recognize and value engagement

With our feedback and praise engagement ranking, you can identify the most engaged employees contributing to a culture of recognition. Celebrate achievements and promote a culture of mutual appreciation.


Integration with leading market management tools

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