Easy management of evaluations.

From tracking evaluation progress to making adjustments during the cycle, management is easy and quick, avoiding headaches.

Send reminders to evaluators to ensure they don't forget to respond to performance evaluations.

Monitor the progress of peer approvals by managers and intervene when necessary.

Monitor the progress of evaluations by managers, teams, or employees and adjust the cycle's timeline.

Planning for Next Steps

All post-evaluation data is also available to ensure process optimization in your company.

Easily see who is ready for new challenges or who needs to undergo competency training.

Ensure the accuracy and impartiality of results through the calibration of manager ratings.

Close the evaluation cycle with feedback so employees know exactly what the next steps in their careers are.

Powerful Performance Reports

At the end of each cycle, managers and employees have access to a performance report that helps visualize the results obtained during the evaluation.

Identify employees' strengths and areas for improvement.

Analyze comments recorded by evaluators for a more comprehensive understanding of the results.

See the results of all evaluation phases and help your staff grow by focusing on what's necessary for their development.

Flexibility in Cycle Creation

Adapt evaluation cycles to your company's needs by configuring stages to assess employees' performance effectively.

Determine if the evaluation will focus on results, values, competencies, feedback, or employee potential.

Create 90-degree, 180-degree, or 360-degree performance evaluation cycles.

Customize the evaluation cycle your way or use Elofy's ready-made templates.

Other Performance Evaluation Module Features

  • Access to evaluated data when responding to evaluations

  • Display results by concepts or scores

  • Performance evaluation integrated with the strategy module

  • Definition of competencies and behaviors by roles and/or teams

  • Reuse of previously created cycles

  • Capability to run multiple evaluation cycles simultaneously

  • Definition of the weight of each evaluation stage by evaluator level

  • Dynamic selection of employees, with the ability to add or remove employees during the evaluation cycle

  • Limitation of the number of peer invitations

  • Assignment of responsibility and co-responsibility for cycle creation and management

  • Anonymization of peer comments in performance evaluations

  • Export of PDF results by employee or in bulk, by managers or teams


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