Individualized IDPs

Structure development plans tailored to each employee's needs, focusing on skill improvement or preparing for a new role within the company. This way, everyone can have confidence in their professional journey.

Development-Aligned Initiatives

Structure each plan through initiatives with completion dates and show each employee a clear path to achieve career objectives. Identifying skill gaps and setting goals increases professional motivation.

Monitor real-time progress

IDP allows the professional to monitor their own progress towards established objectives. This helps maintain engagement and determination, as well as identifying initiatives that require more attention.

Contribute to the growth of each employee

Through the timeline, managers and HR can record comments or share files that help employees achieve their goals quickly. After all, IDPs also contribute to the company's growth, as more qualified professionals can bring more value to the organization.

Other IDP Module Features

  • Creation of a catalog of initiatives for shared use within the company

  • 70-20-10 methodology with the possibility to create new types of initiatives

  • Option to link IDPs to roles and/or competencies

  • Definition of responsible party and completion deadline for IDPs

  • Monitoring analytics for managers and HR

  • Tracking IDPs by managers and HR

  • Filters for more targeted IDPs searches

  • Exporting data from the IDPs module


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