Strategic position management

Define the positions critical to the company's future and plan for succession to ensure business continuity. Having a well-structured succession plan helps prevent gaps in the internal structure and ensures that the organization can continue to function, even during periods of change.

Develop your talents

Succession planning is also an opportunity to develop internal talent. By identifying potential successors and providing them with training and growth opportunities, the company can cultivate qualified and more motivated employees while ensuring their retention within the organization.

Market Competitiveness

Companies with a well-structured succession plan are better prepared to face competition in the market. They can respond quickly to internal and external changes, adapt to market demands, and maintain a competitive advantage.

Other Succession Module Features

  • Definition of readiness deadlines for succession in positions

  • Definition of key talents and employees of the business

  • Identification of successors based on performance evaluation results

  • Definition of critical positions by business impact and hiring difficulty

  • View of who holds the positions and successors by readiness time

  • View of the number of critical positions filled and vacant

  • Access to employees' resumes through the succession screen

  • Definition of more than one succession per employee


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