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Maintain Engagement Through Continuous Feedback

Advantages of adopting Continuous Feedback in your company

Develop a feedback culture in your company and have much more effective performance management.

Development and motivation

By providing feedback, you reveal each employee's strengths and what skills still need to be developed, thus keeping professionals focused and motivated.

New talents on teams

With feedback, it is possible to have a continuous view of the employee's performance and identify potential talent within the teams.

Direction in relation to the journey

Upon receiving the feedback, the employee can see if they are on the way to achieving their goals or if they need to make adjustments in their journey.

Strengthening communication

Feedback establishes greater communication between leader and team member, allowing for a strengthening of communication and the relationship of trust between everyone.

The most innovative companies choose Elofy

Engage your team's professionals more with continuous feedback

Request and receive feedback at any time

You can receive feedback from anyone in your company at any time. In addition to being able to request this submission, if you want to know about its performance.

Featured on home to always remember

In addition to being able to access these scraps through the feedback tab, they are also easily viewed on the product's home page.                    

Privacy above all

Despite appearing in the analytics, the messages sent in the feedback are private, as are the comments that exist. Access is restricted to participating people.

Analytics for Managers and HR

Our analytics generate insights that help you understand where in the organization feedback is still a pain and what action plans are needed.
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