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Automate your Goals and OKRs Management

Advantages of adopting OKR software in your company

Use a complete software for OKRs, with user-friendly design and the right user experience to boost people’s engagement and your brand’s results.

+ Quick creation of your OKRs

With the wizard method of creating objectives and key results, you facilitate understanding and accelerate the tool's implementation curve.

More agile and simplified processes

Replace excel sheets, difficult-to-engage software and everything that is holding up the OKR methodology in your company.

Greater control over the success of goals

From big picture to detail, optimized views so you know which goals are at risk and the key results that are lagging.

Ease of recording and tracking progress

From strategy to execution, record every advance and track every step towards the end goal quickly and easily.

The most innovative companies choose Elofy

100% agile, intuitive and automated management

Analytics for easy monitoring

In addition to the ease in registering goals, key results and initiatives, our OKRs analytics will help you to better manage the progress of your goals, individually or as a team.

Quick access to individual and team goals

You can quickly access all registered goals, both individual and shared, in a specific tab on the screen. Furthermore, it is possible to highlight the most important goals and make them stand out.

Simplified and organized registration

The registration of OKRs is practical and agile. There you can put name, period, cycles, description, types, responsible, team, weight, starting point, goal and other several options. Everything in a 100% intuitive and organized way.

Different View Modes

There are several ways to track your goals. With different screens available, you can access the way you prefer, always being able to view everything completely.

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