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Boost your team's talents with the Individual Development Plan

Advantages of adopting the Individual Development Plan in your company

Identify, develop and leverage the talents of your teams, tracking their progress through assessments and feedbacks and rely on several configurations to meet all your needs.

Identification and retention of talents

With the Individual Development Plan, identify, develop and retain talent in your company.

Motivation and direction

Provide guidance and motivate the professional so that he or she can achieve their goals by meeting the goals defined in the PDI.

Professional as the protagonist of your career

 The PDI places the employee as the protagonist of their journey, taking to them the responsibility and attitude of seeking results for their growth and the company enters as a facilitator on this journey.

Self knowledge

When executing the development plan, the professional performs an in-depth self-assessment, thus contributing to their self-knowledge.

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Identify, develop and boost

Quick and simple creation

Create POIs in a completely intuitive and practical way, putting name, description, end date and responsible. After that, continue adding information in the initiatives part.

HR with individual and company-wide vision

Each person will have access to their own PDIs, but HR in particular will be able to view all registered PDIs, both theirs and the company's, so that there is a broad view of the team (this is customizable, however).

Analytics for easy viewing

Percentage data will be present on the screen for a more dynamic and faster view of the POIs. Overall progress average, POI status and activity status will be there to help with the process.

Easy registration and monitoring of initiatives

You can add initiatives at any time and, for that, you can quickly find the registration screen, both to add tasks and to keep track of those that have been registered previously.

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