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Map employee results with Performance Assessment

Advantages of adopting Performance Assessment in your company

Define whether the process will be 90º, 180º or 360º, create the evaluation steps with customizable forms and have several configurations to meet all your needs.

Employee Development

Boost the team's professionals, revealing the strengths of each employee and what skills still need to be developed.

More prepared teams

With the Performance Assessment, have more motivated teams and leaders prepared to face challenges, thus reducing employee stress and possible conflicts.

Easier talent identification

Performance Appraisal helps identify potential talent to fill positions in succession programs. 

More focused professionals

Assessment, alignment, feedback, development of new skills and appreciation of strengths are ways to keep professionals more focused.

The most innovative companies choose Elofy

Maximum customization of your assessment

Easy cycle progress management

Check the progress of appraisers and appraisees, make changes during the cycle, and notify whenever the deadline is near the end.

Post-evaluation processes are also included.

Review, calibration, 9box matrix and succession plan. All post-assessment available so that the employee's evolution is guaranteed.

All in one place

In addition to making the assessment process much faster, access information that provides a global history of the person's performance.

Complete performance reports

In addition to being a much faster and more practical process, at the end of each cycle, managers and employees have access to a performance report that helps to visualize the results obtained during the evaluation.
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