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Take care of your employees' emotional health with the Pulse of Feelings Survey

Advantages of adopting the Pulse of feelings in your company

With the help of an automatic survey, promote greater employee satisfaction and have a broader view of your team to avoid possible conflicts.

More assertive communication

Find out how your employees feel on a daily basis, to understand how to improve their routine and productivity.

Map the team's feelings

The pulse survey allows you to more quickly map the feelings of the professionals on your team, being aware of possible variations that could impact health.

Care and attention

By following the employees' feelings, you show care and attention and the professional feels motivated to be in an environment that offers this type of care.

Turnover reduction

Identify problems that may impact the satisfaction and permanence of professionals on the team.

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Take care of the health of your company's people

Mental health first

Developing people is also taking care of your team's emotional and mental health. With Pulse Survey, everyone can share how they are feeling.

Sending anonymous pulses

It is possible to share how you are feeling, for what reason, and indicate the area of ​​life related to the feeling, but without the need to identify yourself.

An analytics that makes everything easier

Our Pulse analytics bring graphics and information so that team members, the manager and HR can act in a predictive way and take care of people's emotional health.

More basic and more specific reporting option

In addition to the ease of just clicking on the day's emoji, it's also possible to tell the reason for that feeling and indicate the area of ​​life related to it.
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