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Engage your team with customizable Surveys and Polls

Advantages of adopting Surveys and Surveys in your company

Use Surveys and Surveys through customizable forms, with different types of questions, engaging more employees and improving internal communication.

Fast and direct communication

With just a few clicks, you'll be able to send surveys to your entire base of collaborators that help in internal communication and growth.

Climate monitoring

Through the survey, observe the organizational climate and identify possible problems that could impact the environment.

Focus on employee opinion

Use this space to get feedback from employees. In addition, identify problems that may impact the satisfaction and permanence of these professionals in your company.

Sense of belonging

When you open a survey or poll, you show interest in hearing the opinion of employees.

The most innovative companies choose Elofy

Collect and interpret data quickly, easily and quickly

Fully customizable searches

On our platform, create customizable forms, with different types of questions and an advanced engine for selecting audiences and communicating surveys.

Track team satisfaction

Within our platform, create E-NPS and satisfaction surveys, understanding the team's needs and achieving the best engagement of your employees.

Interpret data with Analytics

From a simple poll to a complete engagement survey, our analytics offer numerous data visualization formats for different contexts and levels of information complexity.

Research to improve processes

After onboarding, understand how the arrival of new employees was through the experience survey, identifying the positive points and what will be necessary to improve for the arrival of the next members
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